Ananga Sivyer


Ananga Sivyer is a UK based ayurvedic expert, who is best known in the meridian energy community for her book “The Art & Science of EFT”. Alongside her work with EFT, she’s also known for being the music artist behind collaborations with Silvia Hartmann, as well as her own albums.

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  • Elory's Joy Audio Recording 2005 A rare audio recording of Silvia Hartmann telling the story "Elory's Joy" with a sound track by Ananaga Sivyer.
  • EMO Ultimate Challenge - A Week In A Caravan With My Parents! So what might you think could be an "Ultimate Challenge" for EMO Energy In Motion's unusual power to shift emotions pretty much instantly and let them flow through and out ...?   Yes, it's a weekend in a caravan with family! Read the report by An...
  • EFT Tapping The Top Of The Head Why tap the top of the head in EFT? Here is a repost from 2002, in which Ananga Sivyer explains why she uses the top of the head or crown point in her EFT treatment protocols, with background information on the meridians involved.


Ananga Sivyer is listed in: EMO Advanced Practitioners in Kent